Saturday, March 10, 2012


Life is unusually painful this year.  I have been trying to update my first work to get it to read proportionally, but it is lackluster event.  As I try to forge new paths while extracting previously written words, I have realized that it is difficult to mix the two.  My style has evolved since this first work.  I find my outlook on the rich details of each match has become oblique.  Once I put every twist and turn of the fighter into the book, now after the revelation that it hinders the readers imagination, I am withdrawing to a global perspective.  It is hard not to dive in and provide intensive details, but I am learning.

On top of having a hard time rewriting two thirds of the book, I am constantly mentally assaulted by ideas for other books.  It isn't as if I am thinking about new ideas.  One instance was driving to my day job (Aerospace Engineer), I saw the reflection in a puddle of the trees on the other side.  My mind warped crystal clear image with the thoughts of parallel universes and magical beings, or dangerous creatures. 

There are a couple of songs I have heard in the past couple of months that have triggered a landslide of story ideas.  I will keep the songs to myself currently, but both stories have to do with superpowers and how the world turns on those who are there to save it.  Spidey complex.

Well, I am off to look into the semifinals of the book and see if I can bring the reader to the arena for the outcome.  Can a guy who seems too perfect pull at people's heartstrings?

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